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Johann Prüss

Herbrechtingen 1447 -
Straßburg 1510

Johann der Ältere Prüss was born in Herbrechtingen in Württemberg in 1447. The following variations of his name are also found: Prues, Bryse, Pryss, Pruss. He began his studies in Ingolstadt in 1474. Johann Prüss worked as a printer, publisher, and book dealer at the house "Zum Thiergarten" in Strasbourg from 1480 until 1510. Little is known about his origins and circumstances, though a number of his printings are preserved.
Many of his printworks appeared without a printing firm. Based on the print type used, the piece "Statuta prouincialia vetera et nous" (1482) is attributed to Johann Prüss. The first edition and three following of "Ortus saniatais de herbis et plantis" are also accredited to Prüss. His name is also found in the title of "Martirologium der heilgen nach dem Kalender."
In contrast to this example, only the place and year of printing appear on the works "Sermones Thesauri noui de Sanctis" from 1484 , "Rationale diuinorum officiorum" from 1486, and "Malleus maleficarum" from 1487. In spite of numerous printing commissions, Johann Prüss also printed for Johann Knobloch in Strasbourg.
From 1480 until 1527, Prüss hung his shingle with monogram. His son took over the firm in 1527, with his son-in-law taking over later.
Johann Prüss died on Strasbourg sometime between the years 1510 and 1516.

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